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Hours: Mon-Fri 1pm to 2am, Sat-Sun Noon to 2am. Gamedays – Check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for early opening times.

A Great Little Neighborhood Bar

Proudly serving our patrons for the last 42 years! We are famous for our tasty Bloody Marys, cold schooners, and loyal customers. Looking for a lunch box, whipper, or Vegas Bomb? We’ve got those!! Come watch a game, meet up with friends, or enjoy a summer day on the patio!


Drink Specials

Sunday – Bloody Marys ($3.75 singles and $6.50 doubles, $5.50 singles + sidecar beer) $3.50 pints, $5.50 schooners of Boulevard.

Monday – $2.50 pints, $4.50 schooners of Bud, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light.

Tuesday – $2.25 domestic bottles.

Wednesday – $2.50 pints, $4.50 schooners of Bud, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light.

Thursday – Wells ($2.75 singles, $5.25 doubles), Calls ($3.75 singles, $6.25 doubles).

Friday – $3.25 Bottles (some exclusions apply).

Saturday – All pints $3.50, all schooners $5.50

Customer Reviews

Towny bar. The people that work there are great. The patrons that go there are great. Good drink specials. Super chill atmosphere and a great patio area.
Larry Hladky
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Great, Divey, vibes complete with locals, outdoor seating, amazeballz bartenders, Spicy Sunday Bloody Marie's, and Buck Hunter! My kinda place
Riley Ross
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This place is best described as an alumni bar. A place for everyone to appreciate a little bar that is big in different ways. Great deals on schooners.
John Clayton
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Nothing more than cheap beer and somewhere to sit, but what more do you need? Get the chalice or a bloody Mary and you'll know if its game day. The place will be packed!
Julian Silverman
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Great local stop. Been open forever. Not the best place to go alone, but if you do be prepared to talk to someone! Great barstaff, good drink specials, fun games, and a great vibe.
Preston Foster
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Looking for one of those hole in the wall places that has a deep and rich history within Lawrence? This is the place, been there forever and still serving longtime customers since before 'Nam much like a modern day cheers with a college town vibe. Bags, pool, darts, smokes, snacks. No kitchen per say but the staff are great and the drinks are tall. Bring a Sharpie and sign your name to the walls or roof, a living historic guestbook that many never find. It's away from the busy Mass street area and offers a chill place for those lucky enough to find it and the regulars who did long ago. Best bang for your buck as far as drinks and service go I've found in Lawrence.
Clint Meyer
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